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Kayleigh [userpic]

12 days overtime and going back to university...

September 19th, 2011 (09:07 pm)

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Oh boy this week is going to be crazy! I foolishly agreed to do overtime and i'm working 12 days in a row with no break. I want the extra money for my trip to Japan in April :) Recently I have been considering going back to university. I went before in 2007. I was 19 at the time and still very childish and foolish. I did not take the work seriously and got very homesick because up until that point I had never been away from home before. I studied media production at the University of Chichester and I was pushed into it by my College Tutor, In England we have a system where you can pay your university fees up front or you can take out a loan from the student loans company and I did the latter. I was only at university for three months but already I owe student loans £3000. The good thing is you don't start paying back your student loan until you are earning over £25,000 a year. And I've been thinking since I already owe them money for a degree I never completed perhaps I should try again and this time study really hard and complete it.

It would be really nice because I would be the only person in my family who has a degree, I come from a working class background and my family have never been privileged or had lots of money and I see it as an opportunity to better myself and to get a more rewarding and better paid job. I work in a supermarket called ASDA full time and it's a horrible dead end job with no opportunities to grow or earn more money. In the past couple of years I have become very interested in Languages. I studied German for a while and I love watching foreign movies with subtitles and picking up different words from associating what I hear with the words I see on the screen. When I was at school I was told I had a talent in English and it's true that I have always been interested in my native language and I love to write stories because I am a creative person. I also love to travel so I would like to do my degree in English or teaching English as a foreign language. I am not sure about my ability to teach school children but I babysit for my younger nephews and nieces who say I am their favorite babysitter so hopefully this means I have a gift with children! It must be so rewarding to teach children :)

So yes that is what has been happening with me recently, I hope you have all been well? Tell me what you have been up to! Take care ;)

Kayleigh [userpic]

Friends Only

July 21st, 2011 (05:48 pm)

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Sorry everyone, normally I would let everyone see my journal so they could get to know me and the things I write about, but because some of my posts contain sensitive information about people I know in real life I don't want everybody in the whole world to see it, because there is always that danger of posting something on the internet which could fall into the wrong hands or get seen by the wrong people, or even worse. The person I was talking about themselves! I hope you understand, please do not hesitate to add me as a friend by leaving a comment on this post and I will be happy to get to know you :)

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